Apomul CM50P

APOMUL CM50P is a modified polyvinyl acetate emulsion, stabilized with polyvinyl alcohol and designed to be used as a multipurpose adhesive, including wood working, emulsion putty, board lamination, floor wall and ceiling adhesives.

APOMUL CM50P has high shear stability, to be suitable in using with fast mixers and machines.



Poliva AH55

POLIVA AH55: Is a copolymer emulsion, internally plasticized with acrylic ester with a non-Volatile content of approx. 55 %.
It has medium to high viscosity and strong binding power and it is suitable for the production of paints with high external durability, like texture coatings (ex: Granite & Graffiato) where high water & weathering resistance required. In addition, it is suitable for paints with high PVC, where good flexibility needed.